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Taking responsibility for our destiny and not disabling our ability to change and grow

Why I’ve Given Up on Tricks To Get Reads

I’m done with tricks, tomfoolery, and with all of these ways that “master bloggers” recommend to get people to read your stuff. It’s not that I don’t want people to read what I write. Quite the contrary. I get huge … Continue reading

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A Cancer Diagnosis Makes a Person Sit Up and Take Notice – Part V

Time How many “times” have you heard that TIME is a valuable commodity? Time is of the essence You can’t make up for lost time The clock is ticking Time is money So much to do, and so little time … Continue reading

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These Ideas Will Make You Wiser

I’m not a genius. I don’t have all the answers. I make mistakes. I often get it wrong. But some people, are getting it right. They have something valuable to say, or they are being successful at whatever they have … Continue reading

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“It Fell Through the Cracks” – and Other Lame Excuses – 5 Ways to Close Those Cracks

“I’m sorry I didn’t respond to your request. It seems to have fallen through the cracks”. How many times have you heard, or uttered or written those oft-abused famous words? Look, most of us mean well, and want to be … Continue reading

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The Way – A Fable About Right and Wrong

CHAPTER 1 Paul sat on the folding metal chair as the noise swelled around him and washed over him in waves. It was almost too much to bear. Dozens of different conversations, a hundred voices, all wanting to be heard, … Continue reading

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The Daunting Task of My First LinkedIn Publish

When I got the message from Linked In that I was invited to publish content, I quickly and eagerly clicked on the Get Started link, and then… I hate to admit that the appearance of a blank page was quite … Continue reading

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What My Custom-Made Blue Suit Heard and Saw

I had a suit custom made about 13 years ago. “Bespoke” is the way the British say it. Business Blue. “IBM” blue.  I had 2 others made at the same time, beige and gray. But BLUE was THE suit. 2 … Continue reading

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