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A Cancer Diagnosis Makes a Person Sit Up and Take Notice – Part IV

Magic Cure I did some research just to see how many “silver bullets” or “magic cures” I could find for cancer. I got tired and stopped counting at 142. I ‘d bet anything there are 10 times that number. Let … Continue reading

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Why You Should Not Fake It Until You Make It

It is ironic that the guy who said, “Call it ‘fake it ’til you make it’, call it ‘smoke and mirrors’, call it whatever you want” lasted only 10 days as the communications director for the “fake news” obsessed White … Continue reading

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This Concept Will Make You Think Twice About Your Current Approach to Blogging

 I think I got it. I finally understand what’s been holding me back. I make everything way too complex. That’s my Aha. Like my blogging, for example. I set a goal to blog at least once a week, and … Continue reading

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